PRI Academic Network Week

The PRI Academic Network Week was hosted across five days between 13-17 September 2021.

The event brought together the latest high-quality evidence and insights in responsible investment practices in an accessible way and aimed to bridge the gap between academic researchers and investors.

The findings were presented by their authors and discussed by investment practitioners and academics to offer feedback, to understand the work in the context of the literature and in relation to real world practice.

The event offered a unique opportunity for academics and investors to engage with each other, learn and discuss the latest insights. To find out more about the PRI’s Academic Research programme and access past event papers, blogs and podcasts visit our website here.

Conference Committee:

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Climate Finance

13:00 - 13:20

Opening remarks

Martin Skancke, Chair of the Board, PRI
Session chair: Caroline Flammer (Boston University and Columbia University)

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13:20 - 14:05

Paper 1: Welfare consequences of sustainable finance

Authors: Harrison Hong (Columbia University), Neng Wang (Columbia University), Jinqiang Yang (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)

Academic Discussant: Marcus Opp (Stockholm School of Economics)
Practitioner Discussant: Lukasz Pomorski (AQR Capital Management)

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14:05 - 14:50

Paper 2: Outsourcing climate change

Authors: Rui Dai (University of Pennsylvania), Rui Duan (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business), Hao Liang (Singapore Management University), Lilian Ng (York University)

Academic Discussant: Valerie Karplus (Carnegie Mellon University)
Practitioner Discussant: Michael Viehs (Federated Hermes)

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14:50 - 15:35

Paper 3: Fresh start or fresh water: collateral, lender environmental liability and the pollution-employment tradeoff

Authors: Aymeric Bellon (University of Pennsylvania) 

Academic Discussant: Sophie Shive (University of Notre Dame)
Practitioner Discussant: Ivan Ivanov (Federal Reserve Board; Washington, D.C)

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15:35 - 15:55


Moderator: Caroline Flammer (Boston University and Columbia University)

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15:55 - 16:00

Closing remarks

Session Chair: Caroline Flammer (Boston University and Columbia University)

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