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“A Good Investment for the Future”
Nissay Asset Management Corporation is a member of Nippon Life Group, a leading life insurance group in Japan. We offer a comprehensive range of investment styles and capabilities across both traditional and alternative asset classes with around $280 billion of Asset Under Management. Nissay Asset Management, becoming a signatory to PRI in 2006, has been actively engaged in ESG investing for more than a decade since 2008. We believe that appropriate consideration of ESG issues incorporated into research and investment decisions will not only improve long-term returns but also contribute to building a sustainable society as well. In our corporate slogan “A Good Investment for the Future”, we pursue “Good” for the environment & society, the investment performance and our employees, and we pursue “Future” for the planet earth & the next generation, our clients and our sustainable growth.

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Nissay Asset Management will be hosting a sponsored webinar entitled 'Future vision driven by Green Hydrogen in life and mobility' on Friday 15th October. To watch and participate with this webinar please ensure you Log In to the platform and select the related events page to find out more.

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